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Since 2012, One River School has embarked on a mission to “transform art education”. Our company now teaches thousands of students across 14 schools in six states. We have developed a proprietary art educational system that blends a fun and interactive social dynamic, with an innovative method that focuses on contemporary art education. One River is driven to help people of all ages to develop their creative capacity as a pathway for maximizing health, happiness, professional success and personal development through all stages of life.

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • 1+ years of experience teaching art or digital design classes
  • BFA or BS Art Education
  • Thoughtful communication skills
  • A passion for One River School’s mission

We are looking for part time instructors to teach a variety of proprietary classes that includes the following subjects:

  • Drawing, 
  • Painting, 
  • Sculpture, 
  • Mixed media 
  • Cartooning 
  • Manga 
  • Digital Art
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Street Art

…….and more.

Our studios are state of the art and you will find that teaching at One River is a completely different experience than any other art program in the country. Each school has a unique gallery space that displays not only the work of students, but also features the work of up and coming contemporary artists.  From the moment you walk in the door you experience the excitement and vibrance of a school that captures the immediacy of the contemporary art scene.

Ideal candidates are thoughtful educators who possess a proven track record of delivering compelling, engaging and fun student centric experiences in the classroom. Ideal candidates pride themselves on being always prepared and are team players who are open to ideas and feedback and whose focus is on student development and inclusion.

We are currently recruiting for art teachers for kids, teens and adults for weekday afternoons and weekends.  We also hire art teachers to work weekdays during the Summer for our Summer Camp programs.

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