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REPORTS TO: Superintendent
● Work with the Superintendent to develop a vision for the department and for the
successful implementation of services to support student needs;
● Work with the Superintendent to develop a vision for building and maintaining positive
relationships with local education authorities such as school districts, CSEs, and school
superintendents in order to ensure knowledge of our services and a positive, supportive
enrollment process;
● Supervise and direct the Pupil Personnel Services in accordance with the mission and
vision of the Superintendent;
● Participate, supervise, and direct all IEP-related programming (i.e. coordinating meetings
and auditing of IEP documents) and support the Principals in ensuring that staff are
adequately trained for the writing and implementation of IEP goals;
● Oversee the referral and placement services with the support of the Superintendent and
input from the Executive Leadership Team;
● Ensure current and up-to-date knowledge of the evolving laws and regulations around
enrollment, placement, and evaluation of students;
● Oversee, support, and develop the school’s infant program, including planning for
ongoing training and support for employees;
● Review IEPs on a weekly basis to ensure compliance and provide reports to the
Principals and Superintendents about lack of compliance;
● Promote a safe learning environment for all students and staff;
● Supervise and evaluate clerical and certified staff of the Family Infant Program,
Audiology, Counseling, Speech Department, OT/PT, and other staff as assigned to the
department in accordance with the vision of the Superintendent
● Provide constructive ongoing feedback to the staff relating to special programs and
services, either directly or through their supervisors as appropriate, and documenting that
● Utilize the evaluation process for all staff in the Pupil Personnel Services department
● Ensure all information in PowerSchool is completed and up to date
● Ensure proper confidentiality of all student records in accordance with FERPA and
HIPAA and other applicable state and federal laws;

(914) 949-7310 (V) (914) 259-8011 (VP) (914) 949-2331 (FAX)
● Prepare for and conduct CSE meetings or in times of need prepare assigned staff to
prepare for and conduct CSE meetings;
● Communicate effectively with staff
● Propose staff training and development in coordination with the Superintendent and
administration team.
● Conduct meetings, keep records, and submits bi-weekly reports to the Office of the
● Utilize work automation and project management for the purpose of efficiency of
● Ensure compliance with all regulations, policies, and procedures applicable to NYSD
● Recommend the transfer, promotion, or termination of Pupil Personnel Services staff to
the Human Resource Director and the Superintendent
● Additional duties as assigned by the Superintendent
● Possess NYS certification – School Administrator/Supervisor, School District
Administrator, or School District Leader or willingness to obtain within 2 years of
employment required
● Masters’s Degree in Deaf Education or related field
● Five years experience as an educational leader in a special education program
● American Sign Language proficiency required
SALARY: $100,000 – $140,000 commensurate with education and experience
TO APPLY: Forward a resume with cover letter to: fax 914-703-4003 or email
New York School for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer